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The Law Office of Jason Petri, P.C. was founded in January 2007. Jason Petri has been practicing law in Sweetwater County since 1994. He currently focuses on divorce and family law matters, including child custody and visitation cases, modification of exisiting court orders, child support, protection and restraining orders (including both Family Violence Protection Orders and Stalking Protection Orders), and paternity cases. He also accepts court appointments and private clients in Juvenile Court cases including Delinquency and C.H.I.N.S. cases, as well as abuse and neglect cases. He will also represent current and past clients in any other legal matter, including criminal cases.

Jason Petri graduated from the University of Wyoming and earned his Law Degree at the University of Wyoming Law School. Before entering into private practice, he served in the Office of the Sweetwater County and Prosecuting Attorney. While in the County Attorney's Office, he was responsible for a wide variety of legal matters, including both civil and criminal cases. He was a member of the team that successfully prosecuted Bob Duke for the murder of Erik and Lianna Duke- a case featured in Readers' Digest, newspapers in dozens of states, and several national television programs. He represented Sweetwater County in both State and Federal Courts, and successfully argued on behalf of Sweetwater County before the Wyoming Supreme Court. He has written for and edited the University of Wyoming College of Law's Land and Water Law Review. His contribution to the Juvenile Justice Collateral Consequences Project has been recognized by the American Bar Association. His Halloween jack-o'-lantern was once mentioned by the Press Secretary to the President of the United States.

Jason Petri currently serves as the Municipal Judge for the City of Green River. If you have questions about a case pending in that court, or you are trying to make arrangements for him to perform a wedding, you should contact the Green River Municipal Court at (307) 872-0550 or visit the City website at

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